German precision, Polish price

Our doors combine reliability with attractive price.

Producer of garage and industrial doors

Our company is a manufacturer, supplier and installer of garage and industrial doors, as well as metal panel fencing. With a broad assortment and a rich offer of services, we can offer quality that is unrivalled in the market.

Why we?

Our products are durable and efficient, which, along with huge customisation possibilities, places them in the top leadership. We have long-term experience in designing, producing and supplying doors for garages, warehouses, production halls, etc. Our employees continuously enhance their qualifications with the expanded training programme.

Manufacturer’s prices

We can surprise with competitive price. Why? Because we are a manufacturer, right? Check it for yourself.

Time for completion

Time for completion is our pride. Can you have a new door within 48 hours? Sometimes even faster…

Professional assembly

As an experienced company, we employ professionals and experts in their field, which ensures safe and quick assembly.

Guarantee of the manufacturer

We offer 5-year manufacturer’s
warranty for all door systems.

Producer of doors

garage and industrial

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