About the company

We are a manufacturer of garage, industrial, high-speed, fire fighting doors.

Our own distribution allow us to offer comprehensive services and give your building a new splendour.

About us

We are a producer of many types of garage and commercial doors. We are a well-integrated group of positive, active and quality orientated persons who create excellent atmosphere for continuous development and improving quality. In our activities, we make sure to offer only the best products and also to take into account financial possibilities and time of our clients.

Users in many countries of Europe enjoy our products, you can have them today!

What we do

Production of garage and industrial doors

Wholesale and retail sales and distribution

Taking measurements and drafting up the final design

Advice for selection of technology and materials

Organisation of delivery and transport, installation at the client’s site


Extensive expertise in production of sectional, rolling, high-speed and sliding doors.


In each stage of our services, we work with professionals whose development we continuously support.

Comprehensive approach

Comprehensive service, that consists not only in production, but also measurements, designs, delivery and installation.



Modernisation of the production technology and lines will allow us to increase quality and timely deliveries.


Adding new production machines and types of doors, a large contract for delivery of rolling doors for an international client.


Signing long-term contracts with leading suppliers of components for door production, thus improving quality of our products.


Opening a new production plant, which allows us to expand our offer with new categories of products.


Starting operations and fulfilment of first large deliveries of doors for single-family residential estates.

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