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Our products are durable and efficient, which, along with huge customisation possibilities, places them in the top range. We have long-term experience in designing, producing and supplying doors for garages, warehouses, production halls, etc. Our employees continuously enhance their qualifications with the expanded training programme.

Small footprint is one of the key advantages of our rolling doors. The design rolling the door on the shaft above the entrance may be installed at almost any place.

Rolling doors have dozens applications, if not hundreds. They are mostly used in garages and houses as typical doors, but also in doors and windows, exhibition windows or balconies.

We are a direct manufacturer, we offer


House safety


3-year warranty of the producer


Non-standard dimensions


Professional assembly


Proprietary paint shop


Immediate delivery

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Garage doors: sectional or rolling types

Sectional doors, also called panel doors, are the most frequent choice of clients who need a reliable door, whether for garages or production halls or warehouses. Sectional doors offer many advantages, they may be delivered in almost any dimension, and many typical sizes may be shipped within only 24 hours.

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Industrial doors

Industrial doors are a perfect solution for business. The solid design of fittings is designed to lift large wings of the door and reliably endure intense use. The life of torsion springs is 25,000 cycles of locking and opening. When compared with other types of doors, DoorHan industrial sectional doors are produced of steel–polyurethane–steel sandwich panels, which ensures good heating insulation and safety of the site.

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High-speed doors

This door type has been designed first of all for heavy duty installations. It is the optimum product necessary for protection of premises against, among others, cold or heat, dirt, pollution, draughts, noise, moistness, without the need of opening and closing during transport. The high-speed accordion door is certified for class 2 fire resistance and is available in several colours.

As the accordion door is the fastest door of this type, it is recommended for all industrial installations, for high movement intensity areas or accident-prone zones.

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Fire doors

The innovative fire-resistant sectional door saves space on both sides of the door. Available in the “static” or “intense use” versions, it is basically automatic, thus eliminating the necessity of installation of additional sectional or rolling doors.

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