Fire-resistant sectional door


The CAMPISAFIRE door is built just like a sectional gate. Fire-resistant panels are approximately 600 mm high and varied depth and mass depending on fire resistance class. The door is identical on both sides. Its most important components are a special glass fibre panel and fire-resistant materials bound with special resins that evaporate at some temperature and, although not harmful, leave the basic framework that guarantees good fire resistance even during 1200°C tests.


External panels are resistant to weather conditions. 120 and 180 minute versions are finished with yellow acrylic paint RAL 1024. Panels may be painted with acrylic paints for outdoor use, available in specialised shops. The 60 minute resistance door is only made of a central panel painted yellow RAL1024. For additional payment, it may be painted with other colours on request.

Technical specification

Assembly and side space

CAMPISAFIRE fire doors are installed as STANDARD, HI-LINTEL, VERTICAL and LOW-LINTEL sectional doors for the doors of up to 950 kg of weight. Fire doors in the version with up to 60 and 120 minutes fire resistance may be installed with a low lintel of minimum 450–550 mm (depending on the dimensions of the door). Maximum 300 mm side space is necessary for the installation. Walls must be straight and levelled with the lintel. The space necessary for the installation is stated in the technical specifications.


The CAMPISAFIRE door is supplied on with a Fidelity hydraulic drive unit, which guarantees excellent operation, does not require numerous maintenance procedures and fulfils the robust requirements applied in the design of fire doors. The door is lifted with the drive unit and closed gravitationally. Two versions are available:

for static operation, with the door lifted with a pneumatic and hydraulic actuator. 8 barium compressed air is required (which may be provided with a small portable compressor)
for intense operation: the door is lifted with the 3-phase 400 V console. The system is excellent for garages, especially underground. The emergency option is available, for 12 V DC, usable also when the main power supply is off.


The CAMPISAFIRE door consists of:

Sectional doors: panels, guides, side guards and installation accessories.
Fidelity hydraulic power unit with 5-year warranty (signing an agreement for maintenance checks and operations is necessary) –we have experience in the form of 35,000 installed units, which confirm that only few maintenance operations are necessary.
FIRE power and hydraulics console to drive the door and ordering FIRE tasks perfect for intense use. The pneumatic and hydraulic actuator for static operation.

Mandatory settings of the mode of operation

Fire-resistant door with the following settings:

  • automatic closing after the alarm and power breakdown with the speed of about 0.08 m/s
  • if an obstacle is detected when the gate is being closed, it will stop until the backup battery goes empty, also when the power suffers breakdown; after removing the obstacle, closing will continue with the speed of about 0.08 m/s
  • kwhen the door is locked, is stays fire-resistant on both sides for the time corresponding with the approved fire resistance rating

CAMPISAFIRE gate possibilities

automatic closing after the alarm and power breakdown with the speed of about 0.08 m/s
closing without physical contact when in contact with an obstacle (patented system) or with a photocell, also when the power breaks down; continuation of closing with the speed of about 0.08 m/s after removal of the obstacle or backup battery being exhausted
sound alarm when the door comes in contact with an obstacle (with the option of repeat alarm in a different place). The system of continuous checking whether there are any obstacles in the door opening (multi-point installation of photocells is required)
standard and intense use modes, automatic, with the FIRE console lifting the door with the speed of about 0.18 m/s (0.09 for the door of more than 950 kg). It is possible to increase the opening speed. The regular closing speed about 0.18 m/s, closing FIRE with the speed of 0.08 m/s.
the option for power breakdown situations which allows operation without the main power supply with the 12 V DC console and the power supply unit with two batteries and electronic power control, which is connected to continues power supply source. We guarantee the capacity of 40 battery-assisted operations after the main power supply is cut off.
the optional anti-explosion system at lower costs due to the technique of assembly of the console in the zone not protected against explosion.

Fire resistance

the door is available in various EN 1634-1 classes.

EN 1634-1 class
E 60 120 180
EI1 60 120 180
EI2 60 120 180

Fire resistance of the CAMPISAFIRE door has been tested by the body notified by CSI. The tests were done in the largest available furnace, 2.6 m x 2.8 m wide, with the certified resistance exceeding by 10% the required time, which allowed to extend certification for larger doors.

CAMPISAFIRE protection measures

Fire doors are expensive due to the use of the latest technologies and expensive elements.
It is logical that this investment needs to be protected against damages so that it could always guarantee the best protecting against fire, but also because repair is expensive. For this reason, we recommend:

    • to always use strong protection of vertical guides along the door opening.


Optional protection systems

Apart from this, we always recommend using protective ribbing and photocells installed in many points, because they allow to monitor the movement of the door in case of obstacles in the door opening, with the local alarm or in any place being activated after the set time after breaking the photocell path to prevent simple alarm reactions in the work of the door. The product certified in accordance with the standard EN 1634-1. The new standard EN 1634-1 allowed unification throughout the European Community. National certification in accordance with various national standards is still being used, but it is obvious that assembly of the door certified in accordance with the new European standard EN 1634-1 ensures duration of the investment.

CE marking

The CAMPISAFIRE fire doors are currently marked with the CE mark only under the Machine Directive 98/37/CE, improved 98/79/CE directive and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336/CE. The door will be marked with the CE mark after approval in accordance with the Building Materials Directive EN 13241-2, which deals in particular with fire resistant doors. The certification process is under way.

The technical description of the fire resistant door

Vertical guides

The vertical guides are made of galvanised steel, with the required maximum free space on both sides 300 mm, opening with rollers with ball bearings and reinforced axles.


Made of core panels of glass fibre and swelling materials, 600 mm high, bonded with non-toxic resins that evaporate in high temperatures. Panels are interconnected with hinges. To increase the resistance of the versions 120 and 180 minutes, silicate or mineral wool fire-resistant panels are added. The 180-minute version also has the second coat of high-density mineral wool. The thickness of panels 164 mm in the 180-minute version, 104 mm in the 120-minute version and 80 mm in the 60-minute version. The guides are protected with silicate panels, stable in fire, fire resistant (Class 0), of high mechanical resistance, resistance to dampness.


On both vertical sides of the door and at the top, on the overlap between the wall and the panel and between the vertical protection of the guide and the horizontal top panel and the lintel, the ducts are mounted that guarantee stopping of fire. The sliding ducts are placed in the connection zones between the panels and the horizontal connections.

Fire seals

Swelling under high temperature, seals in all moving parts.

The opening and closing system

Fidelity hydraulic opening system, fewer maintenance operations except the required inspections. Opening with the electrical power supply, gravitational closing.
Static option: opening with a pneumatic and hydraulic actuator with 8 bar compressed air (if unavailable, a small portable compressor will do).
Intense operation option: for intense operation, automatic. Opening with the speed of 0.18 or 0.09 m/s for the door of over 750 kg. Faster opening optionally possible. (Controlled) closing with the regular speed of about 0.18 m/s, closing in case of fire alarm with the speed of about 0.08 m/s.

Alarm protection measures

If an obstacle is contacted during the closing after the alarm, closing will be stopped without physical contact until the obstacle is removed. Similarly in case of power supply breakdown. After removing the obstacle (or after exhausting the backup battery), the door will start closing with the speed of 0.8 m/s.
Sound alarm if the obstacle is not removed for a longer time (the alarm may be placed somewhere else): it means continuous monitoring for obstacles in the door opening.


All external components of the 180 and 120 minutes versions are covered with acrylic paint RAL 1024 ochre, with natural plastic colour for the 60 minutes version. Panels are resistant to salty fog. Steel elements are galvanised. NOTE. Installing regular protection ribbing is impossible.