Rolling doors are the best choice where security is most important, and additionally space is limited. Built in a compact way, it is very easily customised to each garage or door type, and the expansion options of automatics and control systems make them a very common solution in many applications.


Made of the highest quality steel and aluminium, with care about details, our doors ensure comfort and feeling of safety, and may be fitted with additional safeguards.

Compact design

Small footprint is one of the key advantages of our rolling doors. The design rolling the door on the shaft above the entrance may be installed at almost any place.


Rolling doors have dozens applications, if not hundreds. They are mostly used in garages and houses as typical doors, but also in doors and windows, exhibition windows or balconies.

Door profiles

Each rolling door consists of a number of interconnected profiles. The employed profiles render the door specific features and advantages, such as increased insulating power, strength or speed of operation. Our Client Service Desk will provide detailed information.



profil-brama-rolowana (3)
PA 52

height: 52mm
width: 13mm

profil-brama-rolowana (4)
PA 55

height: 55mm
width: 14mm

profil-brama-rolowana (5)
PA 77

height: 77mm
width: 18,5mm



profil-brama-rolowana (1)
PE 55

height: 55mm
width: 14mm

profil-brama-rolowana (2)
PE 100

height: 100mm
width: 25mm



profil-brama-rolowana (6)
PEW 77

height: 77mm
width: 14,5mm

profil-brama-rolowana (7)
PER 77

height: 77mm
width: 18,5mm

profil-brama-rolowana (8)
PER 100

height: 100mm
width: 25mm

Door systems

Our garage doors made in the rolling door technology is a perfect choice wherever comfort, saving space, and, most of all, safety are important. The best choice for all types of entrance doors and docks, facades, passages and other structures often found in companies and enterprises where reliability is crucial.


system-bram-rolowanych (1)
system-bram-rolowanych (3)


system-bram-rolowanych (2)
system-bram-rolowanych (4)

Automatics and accessories

The delivery may include the rolling door alone, but the true advantages of the door come only with the relevant accessories and systems of automatics. We offer electric operators with belts and chains, remote control and door programming systems, and photocell kits to enhance security. For more detail, contact our Client Service Desk.

Automatic operators

Automatic operators are the most professional solutions in door operation. Power actuators supported with the appropriate remote control system offer comfort, reliability and security all along. We always recommend solutions of this group.

Semi-automatic operators

Usually based on crank systems and support springs, semi-automatic operators our perfect for doors of medium size and in all places where in the places where reducing expenditures for door purchase and installation is more important than comfort.

Manual operators

Manual operators are, first of all, the so-called reelers and gear boxes. Manual drives are only recommended for smaller doors. Reelers are the most traditional operator type, whereas gear boxes allow to reduce discomfort in operation of slightly larger doors.

Selected accessories