High-speed doors

High-speed doors: that is the doors with high speed of closing and opening. It is a perfect solution for the space where time and safety count. These door work perfect in the places where their opening for too long could lead to energy loss. High-speed doors also reduce the risk of slipping in of an unauthorised person. High-speed curtains are available in the versions with transparent sections, but creating customised units to meet specific needs of the client is not a problem. Such customised curtains could be completely opaque curtains or curtains that are fully transparent. Fully transparent curtains are an excellent solution when the client has to maintain visual contact of the inside with the outside.


Flexible design with edges finished with soft plastic or rubber mitigates the forces acting on the structures on collision.
The guides ensure the possibility of safe release of the curtain on high-power impact, and this mechanism is also activated (in stronger collisions) in wind-resistant doors.
Majority of high-speed rolling curtains are secured against passage with a photocell that prevents the curtain from closing if the road is not unobstructed. Some models of high-speed rolling curtains may be additionally opened after detecting a collision.
Some curtains are fitted with an emergency non-powered opening mechanism, activated with counterweight.


Versatility of rolling curtains is undisputed. Owing to its unique self-supporting design, it may be installed almost anywhere. The curtain is very solid despite its versatility, and can even resist quite high loads. One should remember, however, that a high-speed door has to be installed with the proper precision to operate correctly and failure-free. The fastest curtains move up with the speed up to 3 m/s, thus the guides must be fixed very carefully.

The doors with high-speed rolling curtains are broken down into:

–External, which feature higher resistance to wind, as well as a thicker foil panel that mitigates losses of energy and makes the whole unit more resistant to accidental mechanical damages.

–Internal, with the drive unit and guide design not often found (only the basic, low-strength guards are used), with the stronger models intended first of all for installation in supermarkets.

High-speed rolling curtains, as a relatively cheap solution that does not require frequent or costly maintenance, but do increase safety, even with occasional collisions, most often end only in the door taken out of the guides, which may be repaired within several minutes. Injuries, damages equipment or merchandise are very rare. At the same time, the speed of the installation makes the list of applications of high-speed rolling curtains is being extended on and on.

Easy opening and closing

With the crank at eye height, the casing may be lifted manually owing to its low weight. Thus, temporary power losses do not leave us helpless. The standard IP 65 control unit with the emergency stop button may be fitted with all additional accessories, such as: radiolines, magnetic loops, radars, chain winches, buttons, card readers, photocells and both wall and side frame installations.

Two photocells are recommended, on both sides, at the distance of not less than 200–300 mm from the door shell.
This allows to automatically close the door after 3 seconds of photocell reaction, if automatic door closing is set at 3 seconds.