Industrial doors

Industrial doors are a perfect solution for business. The solid design of fittings is designed to lift large wings of the door and reliably endure intense use. The life of torsion springs is 25,000 cycles of locking and opening. When compared with other types of doors, DoorHan industrial sectional doors are produced of steel–polyurethane–steel sandwich panels, which ensures good heating insulation and safety of the site.

Design of sectional industrial doors

1. Vertical rails
2. Side frame
3. Octagonal shaft
4. Spring breaking safety
5. Octagonal shaft support beam
6. Octagonal shaft support beam with the integral drum
7. Rope reel
8. Top sealing
9. Upper handle with the roll beam
10. Internal hinge
11. Sandwich panel
12. Side hinge with roll beam
13. Cord breaking safety
14. Aluminium bottom profile
15. Spring fender
16. Side sealing
17. Cog wheel for additional shaft
18. Shaft tensioner for two-shaft mechanism
19. End adapter
20. Balancing mechanism (torsion springs)
21. Moving spring end
22. Aluminium top profile
23. Side panel guard with fixing openings
24. Handle for industrial sectional door

konstrukcja segmentowych bram przemyslowych

Lifting mechanism types

typy podnoszen_0010_niskie podnoszenie_wal_z_tylu
Low lifting, shaft at the back
typy podnoszen_0009_niskie podnoszenie_wal_z_przodu
Low lifting, front at the front
typy podnoszen_0008_standardowe podnoszenie
Standard lifting
typy podnoszen_0007_standardowe skosne podnoszenie
Standard diagonal lifting
typy podnoszen_0006_powiekszone podnoszenie
Enhanced lifting
typy podnoszen_0005_powiekszone podnoszenie_wal_na_dole
Enhanced lifting, shaft at the bottom
typy podnoszen_0004_wysokie podnoszenie
High lifting
typy podnoszen_0003_wysokie podnoszenie_wal_na_dole
High lifting, shaft at the bottom
typy podnoszen_0001_pionowe podnoszenie
Vertical lifting
typy podnoszen_0000_pionowe podnoszenie_wal_na_dole
Vertical lifting, shaft at the bottom

Door glazing

Glazed panels are produced with special aluminium profiles that ensure the same stability as standard steel and polyurethane panels. Glazed panels may be freely combined with standard ones. The offer thus includes standard glazed doors, fully glazed and combined units. Glazed panels may be used in both the RSD01 Hybrid and the RSD02 models. The window is filled in with impact resistant polycarbonate and ensures additional lighting of the room.

Bramy ze standardowym przeszkleniem
Doors with standard glazing
Bramy ze standardowym przeszkleniem i zintegrowanymi drzwiami
Doors with standard glazing and integrated doors
Bramy przeszkolne czesciowo
Doors glazed in part
Bramy przeszklone czesciowo ze zintegrowanymi drzwiami
Doors glazed in part with integrated doors
Bramy calkowicie przeszklone do 3000
Doors fully glazed up to 3000 mm width
Bramy calkowicie przeszklone 3000-6000
Doors fully glazeda from 3000–6000 mm wide

Types of filling with panoramic panels

typy wypelnien (1)_0002_Warstwa 0
Panoramic panel with pane strip and single-chamber plexiglass or impact resistant polycarbonate
typy wypelnien (1)_0000_typy wypelnien (3)
Panoramic panel with a single layer of plexiglass or impact resistant polycarbonate. Glazed with a strip
typy wypelnien (1)_0001_typy wypelnien (2)
Panoramic panel with a pane strip and aluminium grate


nawierzchnia (1)

Types of panels


Panel surface colours

RAL 9003 (white)
RAL 9006 (silver)
RAL 7004 (grey)
RAL 1014 (beige)
RAL 6005 (green)
RAL 5005 (blue)
RAL 7016 (anthracite)
RAL 3000 (red)
RAL 3005 (burgundy)
RAL 8017 (brown-red)
RAL 8014 (brown)


okno przemyslowe (2)_638x338
Dimensions 638 x 338 mm
okno przemyslowe (1)_588x181
Dimensions 588 x 181 mm
okno przemyslowe (3)_sr360
Diameter 360 mm
okno przemyslowe (4)_452_322
Dimensions 452 x 322 mm