The Compact door meets the highest European standards in terms of quality and safety. It is unique due to its smooth and silent operation and minimum maintenance requirements. Each Compact door is manufactured with its use in mind, using the minimum number of standard components at competitive prices. The doors are suitable for any building type. The patented folding mechanism, featured by low energy consumption, combined with side guides, guarantees a long service life.

Compact doors uniquely combine the best features of traditional sectional and rolling doors.

In addition, where the door can not be installed inside the room, it may be installed from the outside of the building, with the console and drive system hidden in the system housing. Regardless of whether the gate is installed inside or outside, the system of flexible vertical and horizontal seals and gaskets on the segment connections ensure maximum tightness and insulation against adverse weather conditions. The thermal insulation coefficient for COMPACT type doors is (as in the case of sectional doors) U = 1 W/m2K. It is possible to insert vision panels and wickets. The Compact door may be provided with 220 V or 380 V electric motors. The unique slide system minimises load on moving parts. There are no springs or weights that would require adjustment or regular maintenance!

Perfect sealing and optimal insulation

More and more companies nowadays appreciate the advantages of energy saving. The choice of the industrial door plays an important role in this matter. The importance increases of such aspects as a short time of opening and conscious use of the gate. Energy saving is also affected by insulated panels, double glazing and high-quality sealing.

Compact industrial doors provide optimum protection against weather conditions. We have put high quality rubber gaskets in the upper and lower part of the folding door, as well as between the panels and rails. This provides much better insulation for the building.

Compact doors, similarly to sectional doors, may be fitted with a whole range of additional elements, depending on your needs:

Oval or rectangular windows glazed with double acrylic glass, set in layered panels. The windows consist of a double layer acrylic sheet and a black polyethylene frame. The frames are available in two versions: rectangular and oval. One window may be placed in each meter of the door length.

Aluminium segments glazed with double acrylic glass: fully transparent panels consist of aluminium profiles and horizontal central posts as well as a selected filling. They are fixed inside the door in a white frame made of polyethylene and rubber. Fully transparent panels may be combined with various fillings. In addition to transparent acrylic and polycarbonate panels, we also provide safety glass, mesh or closed sandwich panels in the panels. We also offer panels in the non-filled version.

17 mm two-layer acrylic panel

The most common thermoplastic filling for insulated industrial doors:

  • Durability
  • Low weight
  • Resistance to shocks (25 times stronger than glass of the same thickness)
  • UV resistance (10-year discoloration warranty)
  • Good insulating properties: U = 2.8 W/m2K
  • Weight: ± 5 kg/m2
  • The colour on the inside of the profiles: white
  • Perfect transparency
  • Service doors
  • Locks
  • Ventilation grills

4 mm single-layer acrylic panel

Ideal when insulation is not the most important, for example in case of internal doors or non-heated rooms.

  • Durability
  • Low weight
  • Resistance to shocks (25 times stronger than glass of the same thickness)
  • UV resistance (10-year discoloration warranty)
  • Weight: ± 2.5 kg/m²
  • The colour on the inside of the profiles: white
  • Perfect transparency

Service doors are used to handle pedestrian traffic and are integrated in the Compact door. Who wants to enter the building, does not need to open the whole door. This solution will help to keep the heat inside the building and protect employees inside against wind and rain. A staff door is also a good safeguard in case of power failure.

The door may consist of insulated laminate panels and fully transparent panels or their combinations. The door frame is made of anodized aluminium. The position of the door, the direction of opening, and the positioning of the hinges may be changed. In the standard version, an electrical sensor is installed in the frame, with which the Compact door may only be opened when the staff door is closed. The staff door is supplied with a Euro type cylinder and three keys. An optional emergency lock is also available, allowing the door to be opened from the inside. The door profiles are made of anodized aluminium.


  • Width: 850 mm
  • Height (from the ground): 2100 mm
  • Threshold height: ± 120 mm

Segments filled with polycarbonate: this new type of panels allows further expansion of the range of applications of the Compact door. Panels permeable to light combine the greatest advantages of laminated panels and transparent panels: optimal insulation and transmission of natural light. Special filling makes the panel not fully transparent. Thanks to its architectural advantages and elegant appearance, it is a perfect complement to our range of products.
Light-permeable panels are made of aluminium profiles without vertical central posts. They are filled with double-layer polycarbonate sheets. They are light permeable and impact resistant. They also may be combined with insulated sandwich panels or fully transparent panels.


17 mm multi-layer polycarbonate sheet

Impact-resistant, translucent, but non-permeable to light. It works perfectly when you need a mix of aesthetic and functional qualities.

  • Durability
  • Low weight
  • Full impact resistance
  • Good insulating properties: U = 2.8 W/m²K
  • Resistance to UV radiation
  • Flammability: B2/B1 (DIN 4102)
  • Weight: ± 2.5 kg/m²
  • The colour on the inside of the profiles: white
  • Architectural value

The door sections in the standard version are painted in the primary colours on the outside: RAL 3002, 5010, 5017, 6005, 7016, 7032, 9002, 9006, 9007, 9016.

From the inside, the segments are finished in white. Guiding elements, consoles, and covers are covered with a galvanized coating, but it is possible to paint them RAL9006. The hinges connecting the segments are made of stainless steel.

The main task of industrial doors is to protect the building from unauthorized access and against the influence of weather conditions. At the same time, they should not interfere with everyday work or the flow of goods.

Compact doors are ideal for these purposes. They are characterized not only by optimal insulation and excellent sealing properties, but also
by high functionality and reliability. Thanks to their high-quality finish, the Compact doors give the company’s buildings a really professional look. The basic version of this door is made of insulated sandwich panels, with filling made of polystyrene with no chlorofluorocarbons, glued with an aluminium lining with stucco coating. The use of aluminium U profiles at the top and bottom of the door provides additional stability.

  • Panel thickness: 40 mm
  • Standard panel height: 610 mm
  • Max. door width: 8000 mm
  • Max. door height: 7960 mm

Side doors

When a staff door is needed to separate pedestrian traffic from vehicles, their high threshold may prove to be a problem. A side entrance may be a good solution. It may be made in accordance with the parameters of the Compact door, resulting in exactly the same appearance. The side doors are fully assembled and embedded in the frame made of galvanized steel, which facilitates and speeds up their assembly.

The standard width of the side door in the light is 1000 mm x 2450 mm with the fixed upper part. The doors are fitted with a closing unit, a set of door handles and a Euro type cylinder. An optional emergency lock is also available, allowing the door to be opened from the inside.


The side door includes a frame made of galvanized steel. The staff passage is located next to the Compact door. The result is an identical appearance.


Clearance: 1000 mm x 2450 mm (W x H)
The upper fixed part, made of door panels.

Optional: KABA lock
Emergency lock

Security measures

Security is extremely important in any business activity. It is also an important factor when choosing industrial gates. Every function or feature of Compact doors, which makes them more reliable or easier to use, is created for the safety of users.

The Compact doors meet the European safety requirements set out in DIN EN 13241-1 for industrial doors and are marked with the CE mark. In the standard version, all doors are protected against rolling down and have protection for fingers and hands. Anti-burglary security is also available.

Protection against rolling down

The safety factor of the steel cables on which the Compact door is hung is six. In the unlikely event of their breakage, the door will not roll down due to the presence of small hooks mounted in the lower brackets. They attach to the side guides and prevent the door from unexpected closing down.

Protection against loosening of cables

If there is any problem with one of the lifting cables, the safety switch will disconnect the motor. If the door hits an obstacle during the closing, for example a broom, the motor will stop automatically. This helps to prevent hazardous situations.

Protection for hands and fingers

The side rails are secured so as to prevent crushing hands and fingers. The holes in the side parts of the guides are covered with polyethylene plugs. The steel covers in their front part are marked with a warning tape.

Anti-theft protection

Unauthorized access to the facility often occurs by lifting the industrial door from the outside. With the Compact door, it is not possible. The automatic locking system prevents unauthorized lifting of the door, all due to special hooks that lock into the rails. This security measure can not be disconnected, so it can not be forgotten about.

Obstacle detection system (optional)

In the case of closing the Compact door with a switch requiring constant pressure, the operator can monitor the door for hazards. Our optional system takes over this task and prevents damage or injury. If the bottom rubber gasket of the door comes into contact with a person or an obstacle, the door will immediately stop and start to rise again. Compact doors with a closing timer or remote control are always provided with this protection.


Industrial doors are usually fitted with an electric motor. At the push of the button, the Compact door opens or closes immediately. This type of drive simplifies operation and ensures greater durability due to full control over the movement of the panels.

All Compact doors are fitted with an electric motor. Its model depends on the dimensions and weight of the door. Other factors are also important, such as the available power supply (220 V or 380 V), opening speed, opening frequency, as well as the conditions in which the door will be used.

The Compact door motor is easily recognized by its orange colour. Our motors are provided with a control module and plug and play cabling. As soon as the power plug is connected to the socket, the motor is ready for use.

Side motor

All Compact doors are provided with a side motor. If there is not enough space next to the door to install it, the upper and the front models are also available.

Top motor

The top motor is installed when there is no 320 mm free space on the side of the frame. This unit requires an extra 230 mm free space above the top motor door.

Front motor

The front motor is installed when there is no 320 mm space available on the side of the structure or 230 mm at the top. However, its use is limited by the following factors:

  • the total weight of the door panels may not exceed 275 kg;
  • the maximum height of the door is 5520 mm.

Motor types

Motor Voltage Speed Operation cycle racy Power Power supply plug2 Max. weight
RC150 1x230V 50Hz 19 cm/s 25% IP54 0.75 kW 2-pin, 16A 155 Kg
RC175 3x400V 50Hz 19 cm/s 60% IP54 0.75 kW 5-pin, 16A 190 Kg
RC250 3x400V 50Hz 19 cm/s 60% IP54 1.1 kW 5-pin, 16A 275 Kg
RC300 3x400V 50Hz 19 cm/s 60% IP54 2.0 kW 5-pin, 16A 389 Kg
RC300T 3x400V 50Hz 15 cm/s 60% IP54 2.0 kW 5-pin, 16A 455 Kg

  • Direction of rotation: clockwise
  • Emergency crank handle for power failure cases
  • 3 x dry contact
  • Cable length between the motor and the control box: 7 m


  • 80% load cycle (intensive use) with IP65 protection class (additional resistance to moisture and dust)
  • Other voltages on request: 3 x 230 V or 60 Hz
  • Emergency chain for manual control
  • Cable length between the motor and the control box: 15 m

High-speed engine

The use of a high-speed motor significantly shortens the opening time. It also allows to minimize energy losses. It also provides better protection for employees and products against adverse weather.

During unloading and loading with forklifts, fast opening doors are not only effective due to their efficiency, but also because they reduce the number of collisions and the resulting damage.

Product information

  • Frequency-controlled high-speed motor (RC500R) (slow start and slow stop)
  • Opening speed up to 60 cm/s (adjustable)
  • Closing speed 20 cm/s

Standard equipment:

  • Emergency chain for manual control
  • Photocell and obstacle detection system
  • LCD display
  • 80% load cycle (intensive use) with IP65 protection class

NOTE: neutral wire required

  • Various door sizes
  • Opens doors up to 5000 mm wide
  • Weight of panels up to 190 kg


Compact doors may be operated remotely, automatically, or with a switch requiring constant contact. The control panel may be selected according to the company’s needs.

We offer the following control modules:

  • buttons
  • key switches
  • pull switches
  • keypads
  • remote controls
  • radiolocation detectors.

It is also possible to combine different operating methods. For example, you can install an emergency manual control chain to open the gate in case of power failure.


  • Insulation EN12428 U=0.76 W/m²K
  • Wind resistance EN12424 Class 2-5
  • Water permeability EN12425 Class 2
  • Air permeability EN12426 Class 2
  • Noise reduction ISO140-3 Panel 20 db(A)